Arlington allows memorial signs for victims of drunken drivers

Arlington’s program is modeled after the state Department of Transportation’s memorial signs, said Jay Downing, the city’s maintenance and operations supervisor. The white, rectangular signs say, “Please Don’t Drink and Drive,” with a victim’s name finishing the phrase, “In Memory Of …,” below.

The signs can be placed near the scene of a crash where the driver was convicted of vehicular homicide while driving under the influence or killed themselves while driving intoxicated.

Two signs go up facing opposite directions so both lanes of traffic can see them. A sponsor, generally a family member, must apply for the signs and, if their application is approved, pay $250 for the signs, posts and installation costs, according to city documents. Arlington hasn’t had many drunken driving fatalities on city roads in recent years, Downing said. He knows of one in the past five years.

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