No — We aren’t quoting from an old Steve McQueen action movie, but rather, we are talking about another kind of action that’s taking place just to the north of us in Skagit County.

Skagit valley burger express Introducing the Skagit Valley Burger Express — No, it’s not a movie, but the part it’s playing in Sedro-Woolley these days might as well be considered just as good, if not even better, in that the food being served there is most likely the best you’re going to get anywhere in Western Washington.

The food is as authentic and as real as the 70 yr old train Caboose it’s being served out of — genuine grass fed beef, bacon cooked to perfection, real cheese … and … well let’s just say that you really should check this place out for yourself.

When we visited, I ordered the Skagit Valley Burger — My wife ordered the Bacon Ranch Jalapeño Burger — My son ordered the Skagit Kids Slider Meal … All of which was very reasonably priced (20 bucks) .. and so how was it you might ask?

When we were finished, we looked around at each other and unanimously agreed that we absolutely had to come back again, and soon.

I’m not a food expert by any stretch, but I’ve eaten at enough burger joints in my lifetime (from Texas to Washington) so far to know a good thing when I see/taste it.

Burger joints around these parts could easily take a lesson from the Skagit Valley Burger Express —

Check out their site and their menu … You can even stop in and give them a holler on Facebook if you are so inclined. Either way though .. If you are a fan of any kind of burger joint at all, you’ve got to stop in and try this place .. You’ll be glad you did.


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