Cold War airliner from Tacoma still missing

A little more than two hours after leaving McChord — north of Haida Gwai (or what used to be called Queen Charlotte Island) in the waters off Southeast Alaska near Annette Island — the plane crashed into 8,000 feet of water. Prior to the crash, there were no distress calls, and no one on the ground witnessed the plane striking the water.

There were no survivors and no bodies recovered, and only about 1,500 pounds of floating debris was found floating on the surface. With no wreckage and no witnesses – and since this was in the days before modern cockpit voice and data recorders – the cause of the crash was never determined.

The disappearance of a large passenger aircraft, unfortunately, is not something unfamiliar in 2018. Coincidentally, it was just announced yesterday that the final exhaustive search has been called off for Flight MH370 – the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 that vanished somewhere between Australia and India more than four years ago.



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