Dangerous Stunt on SR 520 Leads to Criminal Investigation (video)

The Washington State Patrol was made aware of a YouTube video which depicted an extremely dangerous stunt WB SR 520 just west of Montlake Blvd in Seattle.

Captain Ron Mead, Washington State Patrol (WSP) Commander for King County, immediately contacted the WSP Criminal Investigation Division and a criminal investigation was opened.

mmmainThe video depicts at least 6 individuals involved in a stunt showing an individual in a vehicle WB SR 520 in between Montlake and I-5 climbing onto the roof of a beige vehicle. This individual then jumped off of the moving vehicle over the railing into the water. One of the passengers was leaning out of a window videotaping this stunt. Two other individuals were inside this vehicle and participating in this dangerous event. Another participant was north of SR 520videotaping what was occurring. The final participant assisted the individual that jumped to a nearby dock with the use of a kayak.

All participants are being investigated for charges ranging from Reckless Endangerment to Criminal Trespassing with the potential of additional charges.

The Washington State Patrol stresses that decisions like this are extremely dangerous and can also encourage others to attempt similar stunts. This type of behavior is illegal and also can cause distractions for other citizens using the highways with the potential of causing collisions.

The WSP Criminal Investigation Division is seeking additional witnesses to this event. Please contact Detective Vik Mauro at (425) 401-7746 with any information.

sourced – Trooper Rick Johnson – Washington State Patrol – rick.johnson@wsp.wa.gov


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