Darrington is open for business

Darrington nestled snugly against the backdrop of rugged beauty that is the Whitehorse and the western slopes of the mighty Cascade Range has every bit of the charm, resilience, and fortitude that most can only read about in story books.

Sure, we’ll most certainly agree that Darrington hasn’t had it’s share of the fair shakes lately, what with the Oso landslide last year cutting off the town’s main transportation route highway 530, all of the flooding in the early 2000’s, and the bust of the logging industry in the 1990’s, but it goes without saying that Darrington, even in spite of all of these things, is not a town that will ever plan to go quietly into the night.

Quite the contrary — Darrington is a thriving place, full of life, and nearly everything one could ever want in a travel destination. There is something for everyone in Darrington.

The town hosts many events, and any day is a great day for a visit:

In August the Summer Meltdown music festival takes over the music park, and in June there’s the Spur Festival offering country rock music at the music park. Then there’s the Darrington Timberbowl Rodeo — an annual June event just next door.

Then there’s the Darrington Archers organization, which every few years hosts the National Field Archery Outdoor National Championships on its wooded archery range. The next one is scheduled for July 25 through 29, 2016.

The nearby Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe hosts the annual Celebration of Generations pow wow gathering on its reservation north of town in July/August.

In July there’s the Whitehorse Farmers Market at 1080 Seeman St., where you can buy local produce and on Saturdays explore the market’s Vendors Village. The annual rock and gem club show is also in July at the Mansford Grange — 1265 Railroad Ave. There’s also the Darrington Bluegrass Festival, at the music park on Highway 530 west of town.

Darrington Day in May features great displays from the Darrington Historical Society.

There’s never a shortage of things to eat —  Pick up to-go food at the IGA grocery store or sandwiches at the Burger Barn, both located on the highway. The Mountain Loop Books and Coffee (a personal favorite of mine) is located at 1085 Darrington St. and serves espresso and treats, and we wouldn’t fit it just right if we didn’t mention the Hometown Bakery Cafe at1180 Cascade St. or Bradley’s Diner, right out on the highway. Grab a snack, great coffee, a good read, or breakfast, lunch, or dinner. — Don’t forget to stop in at 650 Emens Ave. where Darrington’s former town hall is now the home of River Time Brewing where you can get “Beer at an appropriate pace.” — the variety is sure to set you straight as you enjoy many of the great summer time activities in Darrington.

Do you like the woods? Good – So do we.

Go horse packing or take trail rides into the wilderness with The PackStation. Call 360-631-7219 for more information. If you would rather take a float trip or paddle through whitewater on the Sauk River, contact Adventure Cascades at 360-393-6815 or stop by the office at 1055 Seeman St.

As long you are in the woods — Do you like to climb?

The Darrington area is one of the best rockclimbing areas in the state of Washington. This area features large domes, buttreses and walls composed of high quality granite. The rock here offers superb friction and the exfoliating nature of the rock provides some nice flakes. Routes here vary from 1 pitch up to 11 pitches.

Exfoliation Dome is the largest climbing area here, features the classics Rainman and Jacob’s Ladder. Green Giant Buttress is the second largest formation in Darringon and features the classic climb, Dreamer. The most accessible large area, and most popular formation here is Three O’clock Rock. This formation features the classic lines Silent Running and Total Soul.

In addition to these locations, the Darrington area features many smaller climbing area like the Comb Buttress, Baloney Dome, Squire Creek Wall, Four O’clock Rock, and several other less well known areas.

Before heading out into the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, check in at the Darrington Ranger Station on the highway heading north out of town.





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