UPDATED – Destination Darrington slated to be discontinued

I wrote a while back — “Darrington, nestled snugly against the backdrop of rugged beauty that is the Whitehorse and the western slopes of the mighty Cascade Range has every bit of the charm, resilience, and fortitude that most can only read about in story books.”

It appears that the original Destination Darrington has re-established it’s Facebook presence — and, as far as I can tell at this time, the original Destination Darrington website is back online as well.

Here is what Destination Darrington posted on their reactivated Facebook page tonight.

Due to overwhelming response we have decided to continue our Facebook presence. Thanks for all your continuing support!

We’re glad to see them back. You can visit their Facebook here .. and you can visit their website here.


Since 2009, Destination Darrington has provided information and other points of interst like community minded news and announcements.
We got word on Sept 1 2015 that the original site of Destination Darrington will be going offline permanently in order to make way for another site of the same name.

Here is what Destination Darrington posted on their Facebook on Tuesday:

Our Destination Darrington Washington website, Darrington Washington Facebook and other tourism related social media will be going offline. Darrington Strong, Inc. & our website administrator for our website Destination Darrington Washington want to thank all of you wonderful people around the world and local community for your support & input over the past six years. THANK YOU!

Another website named Destination Darrington will be launched. This professionally created website was funded by a grant from Snohomish County to the Town of Darrington and was spearheaded by Mayor Rankin. It promises to be a real asset to the community.

The board of Darrington Strong, Inc. has voted not to compete for the same names, branding and marketing campaign, and so it is with sadness that we say our farewells and discontinue our grassroots effort since 2009 of bringing beautiful Darrington Washington to the world.

Sometimes change can be a difficult thing to embrace. But the people of Darrington are a fiercly independent and loyal lot – Change comes to Darrington with a somewhat flawless ease that can only be explained by the strength of community they possess.

There’s so much more to a community than just one professionally built website, and Darrington has proven, over and over again, that it takes more than just one organization or just one marketing entity to pull it all together. Darrington understands that it’s the people, first and foremost, that makes the community the kind of place that makes people want to visit.

It is our great hope that the web developers of the new Destination Darrington site understands this – and with that understanding, ends up connecting with the local citizens of Darrington, like the old Destination Darrington site did.


  1. Hi Martha and others. Thanks for all that you’ve done over the years to increase Darrington’s visibility and viability with your site. I felt honored to have been able to share some of my photography with you and the community that you served. Thank you. There may be some bruises and wounds being felt now, but in the long run, know that you did a great and important job and were instrumental in keeping Darrington viable. Thank you for all that you’ve done. Pete Eartheart

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