DUI Arrests significantly higher In King County

Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers have arrested a much higher number of DUIs in comparison to last year. The total number of arrests through the end of November went from 1,999 in 2016 to 2,565 in 2017 in King County alone. This is an increase of 566 arrests which is over 22 percent!

Staffing levels have increased over 2017 as the WSP is able to hire, train and commission new troopers that can join the others in looking for and apprehending impaired drivers. Another factor is the continued dedication and hard work by troopers that are intent on making the roads safer for travelers. This effort has directly affected the reduction of collisions in 2017 by 6 percent. Awesome job by District 2 (King County) troopers!

The Washington State Patrol would like to remind drivers to make good choices throughout this holiday season and beyond. The Mobile Impaired Driving Unit will be deployed to effeciently process DUIs and extra troopers will be patroling the roadways to remove impaired drivers. Enjoy the holidays and be safe. Most importantly, NO IMPAIRED DRIVING!

sourced – WSP Trooper Rick Johnson – Rick.Johnson@wsp.wa.gov


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