Food Pavilion closes after 55 years in Arlington

Like her fellow Arlington Food Pavilion employees, Susan Burris first heard the news on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 14, but she counts herself as lucky, since she was already mostly retired and working part-time at the store.

“We could feel something in the air for a while,” said Burris, who started at the Food Pavilion as a checker in 1978 and had worked her way up to receiving clerk. “The last beer and wine delivery was last week.”

The store first opened in 1959, and announced it would close its doors for the last time at 6 p.m. Oct. 14.

Burris emphasized that she and her fellow employees would receive all the pay and compensation they were owed, including vacation hours, but she saw no transfers to other Food Pavilion locations in the employees’ future.

“They already closed down Mount Vernon, Burlington and Bellingham, and re-placed all those stores’ employees at other locations,” Burris said. “All these folks are good, hard-working people, so they’ll find other jobs, but it’s going to be pretty tough on them for a while.”

Burris lamented what she sees as ….

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