France is the first country to ban all plastic plates and cups

At least according to this article on Mashable.

Which in essence says that:

“France banned plastic bags in July, a move other countries have also made, but France is the first to extend these types of bans to plastic cutlery and dishes.

France has been a leader on climate change and hosted the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015.

The country’s newest ban has attracted criticism from packaging industry lobbyists, who say that the ban violates European Union rules on the free movement of goods … “

I can see where removing petrochemical based products from the environment might help with regard to the natural order of things, but the article eludes to the prevention of climate change as the reason for this ban on plastic. Climate changes regardless of who’s on the planet and any given time — Geology has already proven that the planet was once much warmer than it is now, so banning plastic cups might do little, if anything at all, in the prevention of any future warming cycles that our planet might have in store for us.

All things climate related can change: the earths axis changes, which emphasizes or de-emphasizes seasons. Along with that, the plain the earth constantly changes, the distance from the sun changes subtly. The continents move around, sometimes being on the poles and sometimes on the equator, the earth’s climate goes through cycles too. When a continent goes over a pole for instance, the earth usually goes into an ice age, like now (Antartica, Greenland), and in the Permian, 300 million years ago (Gondwanaland-South America, Australia, Antartica, and Africa combined).

But the argument against the use of petrochemical based products is a good one when you stop to consider that our lives are touched directly in every way, every day, with these products.
Petrochemical products are so widely distributed and prevalent in our society that banning them suddenly and outright would end our society as we’ve come to know it.

Our dollar was based on Gold in the not-so-distant past — Today our dollar is based on the value of oil (petrodollar). The less we come to depend on products produced by the petrochemical industry, the more unstable world fiat currencies will become.

World leaders, and the purveyors of climate change are walking a fine line. Take away too much plastic, and the value of our money suffers — Make too much plastic, and our environment suffers (to an extent) —

The plastic of tomorrow, not too unlike the cigarettes of today, would be the next source of tax revenue for our modern society. Economies are as addicted to plastic as the poor individual might be addicted to his cigarettes – Both will be willing to pay the tax in order so that these habits can continue to be facilitated unabated.

As long as there is money to be made by taxing what we might find to be undesirable or unhealthy, whether it be for the sake of the climate or human health, I find it highly unlikely that we will be saving ourselves or our planet any time soon, or maybe even at all.


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