[SEATTLE, Wash.] — On Saturday, April 9th, at approximately 4:19 PM, a citizen living in the 1600 block of 21st Ave reported finding what he believed to be human remains in his recycling container. The items in question were inside plastic bags.

Patrol officers were immediately dispatched and responded to the scene. The officers externally examined the items and they too believed that the bags possibly contained human remains. The Homicide Stand-By sergeant was called and responded to the scene at approximately 5:00 PM. Upon further examination by the Homicide Sergeant, the items were confirmed to be human.

The Homicide protocols were then activated. The Homicide Unit and CSI joined the investigation. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office took custody of the remains.

That evening, at approximately 11:00 PM, the Homicide Unit learned that the Renton Police Department had taken a Missing Person report at 1010 hours that morning.

The Homicide Unit obtained a copy of the report from the Renton Police Department. A photograph of the missing person was obtained by the Homicide Unit.

ingridBased on observations by the investigators, the victim was tentatively identified.
Police said they were confident the remains belonged to the missing woman, 40-year-old Ingrid Lyne,

In cooperation with the Renton Police Department, a search warrant was served in their jurisdiction.

Evidence was recovered during the service of the search warrant.

Based on the investigation, a suspect was identified.

Early this morning, as a result of this on-going investigation an adult male suspect was taken into custody in Snohomish County.

The suspect was interviewed by Seattle Homicide Detectives and has been booked into the King County Jail for the “Investigation of Murder”.

John Robert CharltonThe suspect has been identified as John Robert Charlton, white, male, DOB: 12/28/78 , 37 years of age. Charlton’s bail hearing is scheduled at the King County Court at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Homicide Unit served an additional search warrant in Snohomish County.

This investigation is on-going. However, at this time we do not believe there are any outstanding suspects.

Officers recovered the Toyota Highlander in Downtown Seattle late Monday night. Anyone with additional information in this case is asked to call the Homicide Tip Line at (206)233-5000.


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