Multiple Arrests in Snohomish after Overnight Drive-By Shooting

Five people are in custody following an early morning drive-by shooting at the 400 block of 22nd St.  The primary suspect, a 17 year-old Snohomish male, is also suspected of having discharged fireworks inside a vehicle, causing the vehicle to catch fire, at the same location the night before.

Just after midnight on July 6th, Snohomish Police were dispatched to the 400 block of 22nd St. after it was reported that someone had broken out the window of a vehicle at that location and threw fireworks inside, which caused the vehicle to catch fire. After investigating, deputies developed probable cause for the arrest of a 17 year-old Snohomish male for arson.

While police were conducting surveillance on the suspect’s residence on the evening of July 6, 2017, there were several reports to 911 of a drive-by shooting at the 400 block of 22nd St just before midnight.  Witnesses described 10-12 shots being discharged from a silver passenger vehicle.  About five minutes later, a silver passenger vehicle with five occupants was stopped at the 400 block of Covington Ct, near the residence of the arson suspect. In the vehicle in plain view was an assault-style rifle and spent bullet casings.  In addition to the rifle, deputies recovered a 9mm semi-automatic pistol from the driver, the 17 year-old arson suspect from the previous day.  Several bullet casings from a 9mm were recovered at the scene of the drive-by shooting.  The primary location where the drive-by took place had several bullet strikes on vehicles and buildings associated with the residence. A residence directly behind the location also had bullet damage, including in the bedroom furniture where the children and family were sleeping.  No injuries were reported.

Detectives with the Major Crimes Unit developed probable cause to arrest a total of five males early on the morning of July 7, 2017:

  • The primary suspect, a 17 year-old Snohomish man, for first degree drive-by shooting, first degree assault and second degree arson;
  • An 18 year-old Everett man for first degree drive-by shooting and assault;
  • A second 18 year-old Everett man for first degree drive-by shooting and assault;
  • A 17 year-old Everett male for first degree drive-by shooting and assault;
  • An 18 year-old Snohomish man for first degree drive-by shooting and assault.


sourced – Shari Ireton, Director of Communications, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office,


A drive-by shooting is a type of assault that typically involves the perpetrator firing a weapon from within a motor vehicle and then fleeing. Such shootings are often associated with gang violence in urban areas of the United States but also occur in other contexts and other countries. The tactic is also known in the media as simply a “drive-by”. The primary motivations for a gang-involved drive-by include intimidation, terrorization, and assassination of rival street gang members. Drive-by shootings allow the perpetrator(s) to quickly strike their target and then flee the area before law enforcement is able to respond.


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