Police Substation to open in Smokey Point

Store owners in the Smokey Point neighborhood of Arlington are so sick and tired of aggressive panhandlers, shoplifters and drug users that they’ve asked Arlington Police to move into the neighborhood, and the cops agreed.

On Tuesday, Arlington officers will officially open a police sub-station right in in the middle of the Smokey Point Shopping Center to clean up the area and scare criminals away. Parker Paint Store Manager Jim Rupe says he can’t wait.

“We see drug deals going down in the parking lot,” he said. “I like having them there. I think it’s going to be a lot safer, especially in the winter when it gets a lot darker quicker.”

Olympia Pizza and Pasta owner, Nick Damianidis, agrees.

“We’re tired of it,” Damianidis said. “We’ve had a lot of break-ins, car break-ins, we’ve been broken into a couple of times.”

The city will pay $1,142 rent per month for a storefront at the strip mall over the next three years. City officials will open the sub-station with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m..


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