Public Safety – Fireworks Displays

There are over 100 community fireworks displays in Washington State, all celebrating the Fourth of July. Shows that are produced by trained professionals display spectacular productions illuminated with vibrant colors. Many times these shows are accompanied by patriotic soundtracks, or are televised live such as the Family Fourth at Lake Union.

When attending a public display, be sure to sit a safe distance away from the firing area. After the show, be sure children do not pick up any fireworks debris that they find on the ground – they may still be active and could cause serious injury.

For more information about fireworks safety, public fireworks displays and the fireworks laws for your area, check the Celebrate Safely website at

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is a Bureau of the Washington State Patrol, providing fire and life safety services to the citizens of Washington State including inspections of state licensed facilities, plan review of school construction projects, licensing of fire sprinkler contractors and pyrotechnic operators, training Washington States firefighters, and collecting emergency response data.



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