[OSO, Wash.] — Much of the landslide site is still off limits to the public while the county moves forward with development plans for an even larger park and memorial.

People in Oso are recognizing the day as one of remembrance. There is no public ceremony scheduled, but families plan to gather at the site of the landslide, where trees represent each victim and so much heartache.

Throughout the area, people find it hard to believe two years have passed. For some people, the devastating images live on as vivid memories they must deal with on a daily basis. Darrington’s fire chief says some of the first responders who saw the worst of it continue to struggle.

The debris field remains a constant reminder that takes people, like local IGA grocery store owner Kevin Ashe and his employees, back to that day. They provided a critical service to first responders.

“We just told everybody in the store, drop what you’re doing. We’re going to support these people,” said Ashe. “We started cooking, making sandwiches, whatever we could do to help those going into the slide. It was done in a heartbeat. Nobody questioned it. It was– Let’s do this. Let’s get it done.”

Michael Konopasek, KING 5 News


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