Reports of shots being fired from overpass in Mount Vernon

At about 9:30 – 10 this morning there were reports of a man armed with a rifle firing shots toward the interstate near the Blackburn exit in Mt Vernon —

This incident is currently being investigated by the Washington State Patrol and the Mount Vernon Police Dept.

Hanna Scott with KIRO Radio reports:

“that the investigation is not ruling out possible connection to SR509 shooter still on the loose. But no evidence so far is linking the two incidents. The Washington State Patrol is asking anyone with info to call them or Mount Vernon Police.”

The Mount Vernon Police via their Facebook page had this to say:

Shooting update:

Mount Vernon Police have NOT found any active shooter in their response to I-5 and the viaduct overpass. What we know now is limited witnesses observed what they believed was someone with a weapon and possibly a sound like a shot. We have no one reported to be injured or a victim of property damage as a result. Investigators are still trying to narrow the location of where this actually occurred.

Mount Vernon Police will issue more information as it becomes available.

This is a developing story.


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