Rollover Tanker Collision Shuts Down I-5 For Over 8 Hours

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) investigated a Tanker Semi rollover collision involving four other vehicles which occurred at approximately 10:08 am on February 27, 2017.

This collision occurred SB I-5 in the collector/distributor lanes just south of Interstate 90. Traffic in the area slowed quickly and the Tanker Semi was unable to slow in time and a collision resulted with the semi ending up on its side.

Troopers responded along with the Seattle Fire Department to treat the injured and to assess the possible danger involved with the tanker. Fortunately, there were only three individuals transported with non-life threatening injuries to include the semi driver.

After assessment of the scene, the Seattle Fire Department determined that this was a hazardous material situation and advised the WSP that the whole freeway needed to be shut down to include the on and off ramps. The area was cleared and a command post was set up north of the scene.

Command post briefings occurred every 30 minutes to update all agencies involved in this incident.

The agencies present were Seattle Fire Department (Incident Command), Seattle Police Department, Washington State Patrol (WSP), Washington State Patrol Commercial Vehicle Division, Washington Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation and Department of Ecology.

In addition, the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) for Seattle was activated so representatives from all agencies involved could receive real time information to resolve this incident as efficient as possible.

The Washington State Patrol along with all agencies involved, understand that this was an enormous disruption to all commuters that were affected by this event. WSP troopers escorted equipment to the scene to assist and expedite the Seattle Fire Department’s great efforts to clear this as soon as possible. The potential catastrophic consequences of this situation made it imperative to insure every step was performed with the utmost attention to detail and safety by the Seattle Fire Department.

Captain Ron Mead, District 2, King County WSP Commander stated, “Opening the freeway is extremely important, but paramount to that is public safety and the safety of the first responders in an event like this.” A debrief will be conducted with all agencies involved to discuss what went well and what, if anything, can be improved for the next potential event like this that may occur.

This was an incident that tried the patience of many. Thank you for your understanding during this potentially volatile situation.

sourced – Trooper Rick Johnson — Washington State Patrol — Public Information Officer / District 2 / King County


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