Snohomish County Supports MOU with Everett and Lynnwood on ST3

The Snohomish County Council has approved and Executive Somers has signed an MOU with the Cities of Everett and Lynnwood to prioritize and expedite planning and permit applications for Sound Transit’s ST-3 package. This MOU commits the three governments to doing everything under the law to speed the process of local approval for light rail’s extension through Lynnwood and into Everett Station.

Seattle Sound Transit
Seattle Sound Transit – Light Rail

“Snohomish County is proud to partner with the Cities of Everett and Lynnwood on expediting local permitting for any proposed ST-3 package,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “Snohomish County will do everything possible under the law to speed the arrival of light rail to Everett, and this MOU publicly commits us to coordinated action, ensuring no unnecessary local delays hinder the build-out of light rail.”

The MOU details that the appropriate county and city departments will review and process permits for ST-3 in the most expeditious manner allowable under state, county, and city regulations. The MOU further outlines that the expedited permitting shall begin on the next working day following the receipt of applications or submitted revisions. City and County departments shall process the permit applications with the highest priority. Whenever possible, applications for multiple permit applications for ST3 will be processed concurrently.

“We will be ready to process any ST-3 permits with our highest priority and all hands on deck,” said Barb Mock, Snohomish County’s Interim Director for Development and Permitting Services. “This is one of the highest priorities for the county and region. Our team of professionals will be ready to roll!”

The Snohomish County Executive sits on the Sound Transit Board, along with Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling and Everett City Councilmember Paul Roberts. Next month the board will vote on the final package for ST-3 before it is presented for voter approval.

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