Snohomish County

Snohomish County, formed on January 14, 1861

– it was originally part of Island County. It covers 2,098 square miles, ranging from the Cascade Mountains to Puget Sound. It is bordered by Skagit County to the north, King County to the south and Chelan County to the east. Forest constitutes 68 percent of the county’s land, and Mt. Baker National Forest and 10,436-foot Glacier Peak lie within its boundaries. Two major river systems flow through the land: the Stillaguamish River, with its north and south forks, and the Snohomish River, formed from the Skykomish and Snoqualmie rivers.

For thousands of years the Snohomish and related tribes inhabited the area that presently comprises Snohomish County, Hat, Whidbey, and Camano islands. Following the 1855 Point Elliott Treaty, most of the Snohomish were relocated to a reservation established at Tulalip. Early white settlers arrived to take advantage of the area’s agricultural, logging, mining, and industrial potential. By the 1920s, logging, lumbering, and agriculture dominated the economy, but in recent years, the largest …

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