[ABC News] The East Coast is digging itself out after near-record snowfall forced road closures, the shut-down of major public transportation and the shuttering of businesses, schools and government offices.

While the 26.8 inches of snow that fell in New York City was just a tenth of an inch shy from breaking the city’s all-time record, the snowstorm did make history: Saturday’s snowfall was the most to ever fall in the city in one calendar day.

Baltimore hit a new record high of 29.2 inches of snow.

In Staten Island, there were 31.3 inches recorded and 22.4 inches in Philadelphia. But the biggest snowfall recorded this weekend came in Glengary, West Virginia, where 42 inches of snow fell.

Road crews are working around the clock to clear snow and ice from roads, runways and rail tracks from Georgia to Massachusetts. The Washington Metro system has resumed with limited service; New York’s MTA is offering modified subway and bus service; and Amtrak has modified service along the Northeast Corridor.


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