Tol and Tol – Serenade

In 1988, the brothers Tol ended their collaboration in BZN and started a career as a duo. Their most successful singles title was in 1990, Eleni, not only in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but also in many other countries like the United States conquered the charts.

As a cooperation partner for this item was living in the Netherlands Greek singer Corina Vamvakari , granddaughter of Markos Vamvakaris and niece of Tol & Tol, which in numerous other titles (such as You Are My World or Take Me Home), as well as in live performance as frontwoman collaborated with the supporting voice. The first German version of Eleni published Helena Lind in 1990, where she wrote the text itself and together with Pete Rico produced. A better-known German recording (“Eleni said the girl”) was founded in 1993 by Jack White produced and directed by Andrea Jürgens interpreted.

By 2001, the brothers Tol published five albums, the first three be placed in each of the top 25 in the Dutch charts: Tol & Tol (1989, 7th place), Sedalia (1991, 18th place), Tol & Tol III (1993, No. 23). Released in 1999 album Tol & Tol IV made it only ranked 65th Since 2002, the Tols also compose for the singer in January Smit , first became known in Germany under Jantje Smit. His title verdwijnt When de night (“As the night faded”) became a big hit.


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