Visit the rebuilt Silvana cafe

The brick building that had housed the business since 1951, through five owners, has been replaced by a new “old” early 1900s-style gray-and-white structure more in keeping with older downtown structures. Its modern enhancements — new flooring, lighting and kitchen equipment — are overshadowed by the popular old-time styling, mismatched tablecloths, table and chairs and the down-home welcoming atmosphere that made the original cafe so popular for decades.

Willow Payne, who owns the business with her husband, Jim, said the restaurant at 1420 Pioneer Highway still has its same popular menu, pie choices that range from apple and blackberry to banana cream and many other flavors, friendly service and an eclectic environment.“It’s still got that Silvana country charm,” she said, “but with a freshened old-style look. Coast Construction Group in Arlington did a terrific job of blending old and new.”

The new cafe building fits in well in the community, looking like a business in front and a large style home in the back, which it will soon become.“The upstairs space is empty now but we’ll be making our home there,” Jim said. “We’ve lived on Camano Island for 25 years and it’s a 40-minute drive to the cafe.”Silvana is less thriving than when it was a big agricultural center, but it continues to draw people to the cafe, the popular Silvana Meats, an antique store and other attractions in its small business district on Pioneer Highway, only two miles west of I-5 at the Arlington exit.

[John Wolcott – The Herald Business Journal]

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