Welcome to Whiskey Ridge Brewing Co.

Whiskey Ridge Brewing Co. is one of the many family owned and operated businesses located right here in the Stillaguamish Valley —

Whiskey Ridge Brewing Co. started out as a fun hobby.

Francine thought her husband was bored and needed a hobby, so for Christmas 2005, she bought him a homebrew kit. A little 1 gallon extract kit that you cook on the stove and ferment on the kitchen counter. Little did she know that 4 months later he would make the leap to a 10 gallon all grain batch and things got even tastier! Never one to complain or look back, Jack learned from any brewing mistakes and has been consistently making smooth, flavorful lagers and ales for the past 9 years.

Curious as to whether it made economic sense to open a nano-brewery, 6 years ago Francine starting doing her homework, even taking a small business class to help her put together a business plan. Looking at other breweries and their success, Francine modeled their business ideas from the basic plan of serving quality small batch beers and allowing food to be brought in by their customers, not cooking and serving on site. Not having a restaurant allows them to focus on the overall beer experience with their customers and not worry about the added expense of food prep and cooking.

Once the business plan took shape, Francine and Jack realized that they could make their dream come true. And thus Whiskey Ridge Brewing Co. was born.

Jack brews beers that he loves to drink. From Oatmeal Stout to Kolsch, Jack brews a variety of beer for a variety of tastes. Now, the fun is just beginning as he ventures out to create some of the popular beers in their brewery. Beers like: Dead Dog Rising Licorice Oatmeal Stout, and Brookvale Pear Hefeweizen.

Knowing that Jack works a day job, for now, the entire family has gotten involved with all three of their boys helping out and the oldest son’s girlfriend becoming the apprentice brewer; and doing a marvelous job!

Family friendly, children and dogs are allowed on premises.

You can find Whiskey Ridge Brewing Co. at 116 E 5th Street in Arlington — Make it your plan to stop in and say howdy, and to check out some of Jack’s latest brews – You’ll be glad you did.

You can also catch up with Jack and the gang on their Whiskey Ridge Brewing Facebook page and at their Website.